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Par admin - le 18 September 2017
Harmony has the pleasure of informing you about the opening of the Harmony Running Club in Eaux-Vives and Denges in collaboration with Perform-CBS, a company by Olivier Baldacchino: World vice-champion 800m masters in 2015. He also ran the NYC marathon in 2016 in 2 hours and 49 minutes. We will benefit from his 15 years of experience as a coach.
For two decades, Harmony has been focusing on the elaboration of training programs so that you can develop a good physical condition and have fun during physical activities. In light of the running boom and the high demand of advice in this field, Harmony has become the sponsor of the Geneva Marathon, a partner since 2015. We naturally decided to develop a partnership with running experts to provide the best possible services to our clients. This is why Harmony and Perform-CBS joined to set up tailor-made programs for runners. First, we focus on individual programmes which is essential to guaranteed progress, and we complete them with group sessions in a friendly ambience. Our programmes include: Definition of the goals with your permanent running coach, Evaluation of your physical condition with the help of a performance test, Elaboration of training plans according to the results of the tests and adapted to your needs, Personal follow-up (contact by mail with your coach), Group training sessions outside, Presence of Harmony coaches in the major races of Geneva. By maintaining the values of pleasure, community and conviviality, Harmony strives towards setting up programmes which are increasingly precise to meet the needs of runners. Our goal is to offer you a whole package with the best running experts, within a sportive and cosy atmosphere, faithful to the values which have been the engine of Harmony since its foundation. In Eaux-Vives, Olivier Baldacchino, world vice-champion 800m masters in 2015 and runner in the NYC Marathon 2016 in 2 h 49', will supervise all of the programs in the field of running and you will benefit from his 15 years of experience as a coach. In Denges, Steve Jagdeep, who will take you out to run in the countryside, will have the pleasure to give you advice for your future running courses.
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