Personal Training

Personal Training
Par admin - le 18 September 2017
Swiss athletes at an elite level have their personal trainer. At Harmony, you can also benefit from the advice of highly qualified instructors. They accompany and motivate you so that you can achieve all of your sportive, nutritional or rehabilitation goals.
Fitness and balanced nutrition The progress of technologies and the invention of computer technology have modified the use of our body. In fact, we use much more our intellectual capacities at the expense of our physical capacities. The manual professions which most of the persons carried out some decades ago are constantly decreasing. This decrease of physical activity leads to an increase of our stress level. The consequences are manifold: we eat less balanced, sleep less, we are more frequently ill… The sportive activities seemed to be a relief and continue to increase. Supported by the Federal Health Office, indoor fitness and sports are part of this dynamics. Nearly 90% of the people we welcome in our clubs, and who decide to trust us, did not play sports regularly before. They sometimes want to simply feel physically better, stronger, more perennial or even to lose weight. They might also seek to stop smoking, stop having a life style which is too overloaded, or to get rid of the daily pressure. In spite of this awareness, certain obstacles remain. Sometimes people have no time, and perhaps no motivation. The solution is certainly to delegate your progress and your results to a personal trainer. This coach completely concentrates on you for one or two hours a week. They provide you with life advice (nutrition, sleep and stress). Their qualifications and expertise assist you in achieving your goals quicker and in the long run. The sessions are adapted according to your physical condition and evolve with your progress. The philosophy is that you participate in sessions with your personal trainer which you couldn’t have done alone. We will take care of your body. At Harmony, we provide a nutritional advice service. Our method is the art of how to eat and not a diet Our nutritionist shows you how to balance your meals according to your daily demand. By eating the right dishes, you can improve and lead a better life and live longer. She will accompany you to naturally achieve your perfect and healthy weight without abstaining from your favourite dishes. Say good-bye to restrictive and compulsory diets. The modification of the body fat rate and weight are not the essential goals of the program. They are only the positive consequences. This method will slowly bring well-being into your body and this change of your physical condition will bring not only fun but also the feeling of being in harmony with yourself.   Our method is the art of living When you reach the perfect balance of your nutrition, your brain works better and more intensively and regulates your hormonal system (cortisol = stress, serotonin = drive…). Undesired tiredness and hungry feeling will disappear. This "anti-stress" nutrition will allow you to feel good and perform at your peak day by day. This nutrition is the art of moving This is addressed to persons who exercise more moderate activities than intense activities. You learn to manage your daily nutrition and to adapt it according to your favourite sports. This method will allow you to increase your performances and (or) your physical resistance. It is never too late to change your appearance. Start now!
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