Advanced rehabilitation
Par admin - le 06 October 2017

In partnership with Hopital La Tour Swiss Olympic Medical Center and the main medical institutes and insurances in Suisse Romande, Harmony brings you advanced physiotherapy and rehabilitation. You are followed by recognized physiotherapists and the best coaching protocols for back pain, articular pain and tendonitis, over weight, rehabilitation and post-surgery. Moreover, our instructors are constantly connected with your physiotherapist or sport doctor to ensure an optimal rehabilitation. This unique partnership helps you to consolidate your results and pursue with an adapted physical activity.

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Our team of physiotherapists at Harmony Blandonnet, Denges, Gland, La Praille, Meyrin and Versoix, provide you with an approach that is mainly based on the techniques of manual therapy (tissue and joint mobilization) as well as an active rehabilitation. First, they will take care of you in the treatment room in accordance with your needs in the sports room. The goal is to help you to get rid of your pain and various disorders in the long run and get your body back in shape, with lower risk of relapse behind an on-going and tailored physical activity.
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