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Par admin - le 27 August 2021
  Garantie COVID blanc

1. Is it mandatory to have a COVID certificate ?

Yes. Following the recent measures from FOPH, the COVID certificate is mandatory in all fitness as of Monday September 13th until January 24th 2022 in order to preserve the security of the participants, the clubs open and the sport activity without mask.

Please present a valid COVID certificate with its period of validity to our teams at reception. You won’t be able to work out in clubs without a valid COVID certificate if you are 16+. We realize that those decisions may reassure some of you and won’t satisfy others, and we make our best to facilitate this period of transition for you.

  • For those who are vaccinated or cured:

One-time check when presenting your complete certificate – with date of validity or vaccin. We enter the validity period of your COVID certificate in our systems at your 1st visit and you won’t have to show it anymore.

  • For those who are not vaccinated (16+):

PCR test is valid for 72h and fast antigenic tests are valid for 48h. Please present your QR code at reception at every visit.

Antigenic tests are free until end of september, maybe the time for you to get vaccinated. If you plan it well, you can work out up to 4 times / week with 1 or 2 fast tests / week.

  • Complete your work out with online classes and small group trainings:

Follow our online classes everyday in live or in replay via our private Facebook page Harmony@home. And ask your coach for new training program to do at home via HexFit App.

The access to Harmony@home is free and restricted to our members. If you are not a member or if you have suspended your membership, you can subscribe to Harmony@home membership from 25chf/month on our website.

Private and small group trainings in our studios don’t require a COVID certificate. Book your sessions for 120.- / 1’100.- for 10 sessions / 2’000.- for 20 sessions and share it with other participants.

  • Option Timestop COVID (CHF 119):

We suspend your membership in clubs and on Harmony@home until the end of COVID certificate. No termination is possible.

We hope those services will help you to stay active in this transition period. Thank you for your patience and understanding


2. What happens with my membership in case of COVID closure?

Our Guarantee COVID guarantees the suspension of your membership in case of closure of our clubs, according to our trade terms. You don’t need to do anything ! We take care of everything and suspend all memberships automatically.


3. Should we book to access Harmony clubs ?

No, the access to our clubs is open with no pre-booking for our members. Our studios are wide enough to respect social distances.


4. Changing rooms and showers are open ?

Yes, changing rooms and showers are open. Please respect 1,5m distance minimum with other members. You can also come with your sport outfit and only change your shoes at the entrance of the club. We can keep your values at reception if needed.


5. Is it mandatory to wear masks ?

Wearing masks is not mandatory during your workout and classes. We only ask you to wear your mask at the entrance and inside corridors, and always respect 1,5m social distance with other members inside our clubs.


6. How can I connect to Harmony@home?

1. Connect to Facebook.
2. Search for Harmony@home via the Facebook search barre.
3. Click on « Join the group », and precise your name as written on your Harmony membership so that we can identify you.
4. Your access will be validated in 24h if you have a valid Harmony membership. All our classes and workouts will then appear in your notifications.


7. I don’t have a Facebook account ?

You can create an anonymous Facebook account for free in a few clicks. If you prefer, you can choose an anonymous pseudo and don’t share any picture. Then you’ll be able to access our page and online classes.


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