Meet our new dietician, Lea De Stefano

Par Marketing - le 08 March 2022

Lea, a HES qualified dietician, offers a range of nutritional services to help you reach your goals while having fun eating.

As a dietician, I am delighted to announce my arrival at the Harmony Group! I am delighted to continue my journey here where I hope to feed you with positive vibes and freshness.

But first, a little background on my career: it was during my last year of Gymnasium that I decided to direct my studies in the field of health. Having always been a good listener, this choice seemed obvious. After having done the propaedeutic year at the CHUV, I entered the Geneva University of Health Sciences where I graduated as a dietician and obtained a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics. These studies gave me a critical sense that is essential for such a vast field.

I became interested in nutrition because it concerns everyone on Earth, and helping people is one of the reasons why I decided to do this job: helping them to discern what is true and what is false, but also helping them to reach their goals or to find pleasure in eating. Another of my motivations is my attraction to the art of eating. Yes, eating is not just about calories that need to be ingested but about a rich and complex environment that makes the world of nutrition so interesting. This act of survival for our ancestors has evolved over the centuries and is now a way to travel across cultures, to gather as a family, to share moments with others and much more… But, in any case, to enjoy life. Having a good relationship with food offers all these elements but also a state of well-being with oneself.

When I come to work for the Harmony Group, I bring with me the knowledge I acquired during my studies, but I still have a lot to learn, and the clients are the greatest source of enrichment. A range of dietary services are available to you and it would be a pleasure to meet for a consultation.

Lots of tasting and sporting fun !

Lea, Nutritional expert & Dietician HES

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