High-performance connected equipment

MATRIX ultra hi-tech quipment by Harmony Limited Edition : touch screen, internet, TV, Virtual Active function to run all around the world from our cardio machines. With Virtual Active, go for a run in Hawai tropical forest or for a walk inside the Grand Canyon. Get away for your training session on the other side of the world, far away from your daily routine. Live more experiences with Virtual Active by MATRIX.

Free App

Get a highly personalized coaching with our free App. Designed for olympic athletes, our App is one of the most complete on the market. During each coaching session included in your membership, our instructors design a personalized training program for you based on your objectives and medical background. All your workouts are automatically sent to you in your personal profile, with a detailed description and pisctures of each exercice. If you are a beginner or an expert, you can work out efficiently in clubs or from home. Our App also measures your basal metabolism with the average number of calories that your body needs per day to perform while controling your weight.

Functional zones

Designed for functional training and Cross-Training, our dedicated, innovating functional zones offer you an infinite choice of exercises and WOD alone or in groups. The ultimate playground for complete and efficient workouts.
➔ Queenax, Connexus and modular structures easy to adapt during your workout and offering many fixing points for people of different sizes and sport levels.
➔ Core bags, Kettlebells, medecine balls, rope, elastics, espaliers…for infinite combinations with or without weights
➔ TRX and suspended punching balls to work on balance and integrate boxing moves for more results
➔ New functional treadmills and rowers with ellipse to workout with the best and most innovating technologies
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Magnetic lockers

Forget keys ! Our member cards and bracelets are equipped with RFID chips to give you direct access to our lockers without waisting time at reception and with no need to carry an additional key. Technology for more comfort.