Well in my body, well in my mind

The act of eating, although based on a physical need, is above all a moment of encounter, conviviality and well-being. Its form has a direct impact on our state of mind and our relationship with our body.

It is therefore important to have a healthy relationship with food that is in line with our personal and sporting objectives.

With a "Bachelor of Science" in nutrition and dietetics and a wealth of successful professional experience in various health establishments, my know-how allows me to take a holistic approach to nutrition while keeping the human being at the centre of my concerns.

Whatever your objective: slimming down your figure, building up your muscles, improving your sports performance or feeling good, together, thanks to a nutritional follow-up, we will be able to reach your objectives serenely and more quickly.

So, are you ready to find your dietary harmony?

Lea De Stefano


Building up strength


Refining your silhouette


Improving sports performance


Feeling good

Facets of harmonious care

The assessment

The assessment allows us to get to know you better, to highlight your needs and your objectives. It includes a complete analysis of your eating habits, your weight history, your eating sensations and your physical activity.

The assessment takes place face-to-face at the office in Denges (Morges) or by video conference. It is the first step in any nutritional work.

The treatment

The treatment consists of:

  • an initial session (start-up session) during which we develop a personalised action plan based on your objectives. This session takes place face to face at the Denges office or by videoconference and lasts 60'.
  • follow-up sessions, the pace of which is to be determined. They allow us to accompany you, motivate you and refine your nutritional work. These sessions are conducted face-to-face or through email exchanges (reports and advice).

Composition: A start-up session (60') and follow-up sessions face to face (45') or online.

The nutritional plan

The nutritional plan gives you the keys to a balanced diet adapted to your objectives. It includes ideas for dishes and allows for countless menu combinations. The nutritional plan also includes a measurement of your body composition in a club (bio-impedance measurement). The nutritional plan is the ideal complement to the treatment and allows for better results.

Composition: A nutritional plan and a bio-impedance measurement in the club.

Our packages


Complete assessment + Support

(Coverage: 1st face-to-face interview of 60' and 3 online follow-ups)

CHF 435.-


Complete assessment + Personalised face-to-face support

(Coverage: 1st interview of 60' and 3 face-to-face follow-ups of 45')

CHF 570.-


Complete assessment + Personalised care + Food plan

(Coverage: 1st interview of 60' and 3 face-to-face follow-ups of 45')

CHF 770.-


Complete assessment + Personalised care online

(Coverage: 1st interview of 60' and 3 follow-ups online)

CHF 345.-

Moreover, our services are recognised by the ASCA and RME. They are therefore reimbursable by your complementary insurance. Please check with your insurance company beforehand.

A la carte :

  • Complete assessment (90')____ CHF 180.00 incl. VAT (face to face)
  • Online assessment____ CHF 90.00 inc.
  • Management - 1st session (60') ____ CHF 120.00 inc.
  • Personalised support - face-to-face follow-up session (45') ____ CHF 90.00 incl. VAT / appointment
  • Online support - follow-up form and advice by email ____ CHF 45.00 incl. VAT / follow-up
  • Nutritional plan - 1 plan and 1 bio-impedimentary measurement _____ CHF 200.- ttc / plan

Contact form

To make an appointment or subscribe to a nutritional service, please fill in the form below. Our dietician Lea will contact you. You can also call 021 / 803 03 33 for more information.