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Par admin - le 25 January 2019
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Get a unique personal coaching with your annual membership at Harmony, with our elite instructors.

At subscription, we book an appointment for a 1st individual coaching session to define your profile, your objectives, your nutrition habits and make some tests as a base to assess your training priorities and your future imporvements.

Then we book your following coaching sessions:
2nd coaching session 4-6 weeks later
3rd session 6-12 weeks further
4th session 6-12 weeks further.

Content of your 4 individual coaching sessions :

  • Update your profile and objectives
  • Impedancemetry check-up to measure your caloric needs, your BMI and body composition (body fat, fluids, bones and muscle percentage). Get your results printed or via email.
  • Metabolic scans to measure your muscle density and imbalances (up-down, left-right) and further tailor your training programs. Get your results printed or via email. Click here to watch the video.
  • Observe postural imbalances
  • Quick tests of mobility, flexibility, balance and effort tests to assess your progress
  • Create a personal training program based on the above. Demo of each exercise, load definition and corrections in execution with your instructor.
  • Training program printed or sent via email + on your online personal profile
  • Advice on training frequency, classes to follow, and nutrition

For more information, please contact your Harmony club or

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