Renew Subscription - Harmony Fitness & Spa 4*

Happy 2020, the year Harmony celebrates its 20th anniversary! Think abot the good resolutions for this new year, starting by taking time for yourself.
To celebrate this anniversary together, we offer you up to 300CHF off on unlimited 3, 6 and 12-month subscriptions and 4 free coaching sessions!
In addition, thanks to our 4-star Fitness Guide certification, you can benefit from a refund of 200CHF to 800CHF on our 6 and 12-month subscriptions by most of supplementary insurances. Click here for more information.

Select your reference club below to see the available subscriptions, and take advantage of this offer until 31.01.20 on our website and in all Harmony clubs.

Non-cumulative offer and under conditions. Flexible subscription start date.

Renewal form available until the termination date of your current contract. If your contract has already ended, please create a new subscription.

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