AquaHarmony Swimming School - Harmony Veyrier


To evolve in the water in complete safety

The Aqua'Harmony swimming school offers you personalised supervision and the expertise of the best Swiss swimming schools.

From the age of 4, children are taken care of in small groups by a qualified instructor who is concerned about their individual development. The aquatic training is completed by educational content outside the water, the stages of which help the children in their motor development and their learning to swim.

  • 10 learning levels from 4 years old + teen and adult courses
  • Instruction in a large pool according to Swiss Aquatics methods
  • 45 to 60 minute classes, including 15 minute coordination classes outside the pool
  • Unlimited access to the pool and slides outside of classes INCLUDED**
  • Parking and cafeteria
  • Semester course

**Depending on opening hours


Please fill in the booking form below, selecting the course of your choice, as well as the type of subscription you wish. Our team will contact you as soon as possible to validate your booking and send you the payment slip by email. Registrations are confirmed upon payment (within 10 days).

**Depending on the opening hours


For further information send an email to

Autumn 2022 semester rates (from 29.08.2022 to 19.02.2023)
Level 1 to 4 (45min): CHF 500.-
Level 5 to 10 (60min): CHF 550.-
Teens 1x/week (60min): CHF 500.-
Teens 2x/week (60min): CHF 600.-
Adult Sport/Perfect. 1x/week (60min): CHF 550.-
Adult Sport/Perfect. 2x/week (60min): CHF 950.-
Synchronized Swimming (90min): CHF 550.-

Contacts / Access: / 022 752 54 56
Avenue du Grand-Salève 4, 1255 Veyrier (GE)