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Which complementary insurance is required to get a contribution on fitness memberships ?
  • Option «ALLGEMEIN»
  • Premium
  • Family & Family Flex
On which memberships can you get a contribution ? At least six months membership
In which clubs can you get a cash-back contribution of health-prevention on fitness memberships from your insurance ? No specific conditions, valid for all fitness clubs in the country
Which documents have to be shared with your insurance? The original receipt including the duration, price and member name
When should you receive the payment of the contribution ? Once receipt has been received
How much should you receive?
  • ALLGEMEIN: 50 %, up to a maximum of CHF 150.– per calendar year
  • Premium: 50 % up to a maximum of CHF 300.– Overall health prevention up to a maximum of CHF 600.– per calendar year
  • Family & Family Flex: 50 %, up to a maximum of CHF 200.– Overall health prevention up to a maximum of CHF 500.– per calendar year
Is there a limited age for admission by those insurances ?
  • Option «ALLGEMEIN»: up to 65 years old
  • Premium: up to 60 years old
  • Family & Family Flex: up to 60 years old