Which complementary insurance is required to get a contribution on fitness memberships ?
On which memberships can you get a contribution ? 6 months and annual memberships
In which clubs can you get a cash-back contribution of health-prevention on fitness memberships from your insurance ? Yes, in fitness clubs certified by Fitness Guide ("Full time care" et "Part time care") from 2 to 5 stars and / or in fitness clubs certified by Qualitop
Which documents have to be shared with your insurance?
  • Membership confirmation
  • Receipt
  • Copy of your contract
When should you receive the payment of the contribution ? Once all documents have been received, and after your membership starting date
How much should you receive? COMPLETA PRAEVENTA:

  • 50%, up to max. of CHF 500.– per calendar year (max. of CHF 300.– per type of prevention)


  • 90% of non-covered cost by the PRAEVENTA up to a max. of CHF 300.– per calendar year
  • Total amount up to CHF 800.–max. per calendar year
Is there a limited age for admission by those insurances ? 70 years old