Which complementary insurance is required to get a contribution on fitness memberships ?
  • Ambulatory treatments
  • Managed-Care ambulatory
  • Basic
  • Basic Flex
On which memberships can you get a contribution ?
    • Annual memberships 
    • 6 months memberships (4 months or 2x 10 sessions at least)
In which clubs can you get a cash-back contribution of health-prevention on fitness memberships from your insurance ? No specific conditions, valid for all fitness clubs in the country
Which documents have to be shared with your insurance? Memberships receipt
When should you receive the payment of the contribution ? Once the document has been received
How much should you receive?
  • maximum CHF 200.– for an annual membership
  • maximum CHF 100.– for a 6 months membership
Is there a limited age for admission by those insurances ? 70 years old